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My name is Ms. Laine and I am a mother to 4 beautiful children. We all have our own unique skin issues and as the ring leader I needed to provide better for them. To nourish the outside as well as I nourish the inside. 

And that was the start of something so beautiful it had to be shared with the world!

Read our story below to see how we got started and why.




OUR Story

Our company was founded because everyone in my family was suffering from some sort of skin ailment that drug store products just couldn't seem to fix. There are plenty of soap companies out there that claim to be great for skin with troubles and acne and so on, however we don't just claim it, we do it! 

I personally suffer from a condition called Scleroderma. My oldest and second child have Eczema, my youngest has allergy issues with any scented OTC product and my other child likes to eat soap (we all have one, am I right?) 

My main thought when I was developing these products, which took me almost 2 years, lots of trials and failures and tons of research, was to have a product that anyone can use. Someone with perfect skin can also use my line of soaps to improve elasticity, make their skin softer and reduce wrinkles as well. Thats the beauty of our branded products! The ingredients. I didn't chose what's cheap or easily accessible, I chose what was right and what works. 

Kukui Nut Oil is where the magic lies. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are well known, at least to native islanders, to have amazing benefits for your skin, hair and nails. It helps accelerate wound healing, reduces wrinkles, is a great natural pain relief, soothes eczema, is naturally moisturizing, reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system, now that is what I call a super oil! Once I tried this blend, I couldn't go back. 

Since we have switched we have all seen such great changes in our skin. In turn, that has boosted our moods, elevated our confidence and overall made for a much more pleasant person to be around. Although my kids like to call me super mom, I am a regular mom who was looking for a blanket cure for all my kids without needing 5 separate products, and I stumbled upon something so magical you would think everyone would want to know about it! 

That's it! The secret is out.


However, my blend of other oils and butters is what maximizes the benefits of that one super oil to give you the rich lather, clean feel, moisturizing and nourishing you truly need and deserve. 

The most notable difference after using this product is I don't find myself running for lotion after a shower or washing my hands or face. It's that good. But in case you like the extra buttery skin feeling, I also have an amazing body butter in several wonderful scents to chose from. 

We hope you and your family can benefit from such an amazing product like we did! 

Contact us 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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