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A 2 inch paw sized dog shampoo bar that last 3-4 washes and can be stored for up to 12 months. (great for smaller pets)

Or a full 5 oz size bar, ideal for larger pets. 


The blend of essential oils & oatmeal with a base of Goats milk is calming & soothing to a dogs skin & coat.


This is also a natural flea & Tic repellent; without any chemicals. 


Directions: Wet hands & Work the soap into a lather between them. Use the lather on your hands to wash your dog (similiar to how you wash yourself). Use more soap as needed. Do not use the bar directly on the dogs skin and always rinse the bar with water and let air dry between uses. 



-Goats milk

-Coconut oil

-Shea butter

-Collodial oatmeal

-Lavender e/o

-Cedarwod e/o

-Lemongrass e/o

-Chamomile e/o

Dog Shampoo

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  • Made and shipped in the USA.

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