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-Laine Co Beauty Laundry Wash Bar, Grated (Proprietary Blend, contains coconut oil)

-Fels Naptha Bar (grated down)

-Sodium Bicarbonate (Pure Baking Soda, Stated In The Scientific Name)

-Sodium Borate (Pure Borax, Stated In The Scientific Name)


The Solid Laundry Bars Are Made And Then Grated Down And Mixed With The Other Listed *Powder* Ingredients To Create A Blend That Is Safe For All Ages & Skin Types And Works Well With Stains And Is Great For Sensitive Skin! 


**We also carry a liquid soap that works for laundry as well, Castile Soap. Check out that product in the shop page to see its many uses if you prefer a liquid version of soap. 

Laundry Wash

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  • Made and shipped in the USA.

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