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Magnesium Topical Mineral Spray is a great way to get a supplement to magnsesium.


Magnesium Deficiency Is linked to:




-Heart Disease







& so much more!


Benefits you get from using a topical Magnesium Mineral Spray:

-Relieves muscle aches, pains and cramps

-Boosts Energy Levels

-Improves bone, heart, and cardiovascular health

-Eases Anxiety

-Fights Depression

-supports whole body health & vitality

-promotes a good nights sleep

-contains anti-inflammatory benefits


Ways to use Topical Magnesium Spray:

Spray under your arms, on your stomach, legs, inner forearms, bottom of feet, and behind your neck.

Magnesium Spray

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  • Each Jar is 4 oz (by weight, not volume) of pure magnesium and distilled water. 

    In a convenient and easy to use amber spray bottle, to protect from artifical light.

    Made and shipped in the USA.

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