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Artesanía inigualable

Es un hecho que lo que ponemos en nuestros cuerpos afecta nuestra salud. En Laine Co, creemos que lo que ponemos en nuestros cuerpos es igual de importante. Nuestros productos son una parte integral de su experiencia general de bienestar holístico.  Laine Co Beauty es una empresa fundada en el principio 'menos es más'.  Así que agregamos menos de lo que no necesita (productos químicos) y más de lo que sí (bondad derivada de plantas). 

Naturally Derived
plant based

Handmade skincare made in small batches in the usa by laine co beauty

Our ingredients are carefully chosen based on the benefits they offer you. 
-Every bar we make includes every ingredient listed below-

kukui nut oil is perfect for troubled skin
Castor oil provides a nice lather while using the bar
olive oil is a fantastic antioxidant that's known to relieve the effects of eczema & psoriasis
CoConut oil Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
shea butter softens and protects while providing anti-inflammatory properties

*Some of our bars come with botanicals and/or naturally derived color pigments.
These are added for additional benefits

 (such as oats help exfoliate skin)
Laine co beauty Is committed to only using ingredients sourced in the usa that are all natural.

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