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What sets your company apart from other companies?

We use a blend of oils, fats and butter that complement each other well and are beneficial to the health and life of your skin, no matter the cost. Our oils are not the same as other companies because we don’t worry about what’s cheapest but rather what works best. We believe we have found that perfect blend for almost everyone.

Is your product all natural, vegan or organic?

To some extent, yes. Our product as a whole is all natural as we only use ingredients in their pure and unaltered forms. However not every product we use is certified vegan or organic. While we do try to buy only those products which are certified, sometimes our suppliers are out of stock of certain ingredients needed for use to keep up with demand. In this case, we still buy pure and natural products, however to claim a true organic or vegan product, you must use those products and your equipment must never be used without those non-certified ingredients. We want to be transparent and honest about our process and product and will not claim a vegan or organic product until we can meet this requirement. Which is a goal for our company again in the future, when supply chains are once again able to keep up.


What is your company’s main goal for the beauty industry?

We want to put the truth back in beauty! Plain and simple. To be able to keep your natural skin clean and clear from problems commonly associated with overuse from other beauty products that contain harsh chemicals and have serious risks with extended use. AS with any product, check ingredients on the label. Some ingredients interact with each other and cause an irritation or burn like sensation. Much like combining a retinol and a vit C product can have a damaging effect to many people, as well as combining a retinol and Salicylic acid product. With our products, everything is natural, no chemicals and nothing to be concerned about.


**When starting a new beauty product or regimen, we advise you to ease into it to allow your skin time to adjust.

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